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    Most knife sharpening experts recommend you use some sort of lubricant when sharpening your knife. The lubricant can come in a variety of forms, from water to oil. Most of the literature out there recommends mineral oil to be used for knife sharpening. The lubricant reduces heat from the friction that is created from sharpening your knife.

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    Thanks for all of the feedback from my post. Sharpening is making smaller and smaller "scratches" on the steel. The finer the scratch the sharper the edge. For years I sharpened with ceramic stones that ended with white at about 1800 grit. I knew I could get a better edge which led to this Sharpening Kit.

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    To get really sharp knives, it is therefore advisable to use one or more sharpening stones. The fast and somewhat rough treatment of a pull through sharpener is, in particular for harder steels, not recommended. A good knife actually deserves a more sophisticated sharpening method, such as sharpening on a stone. Electric sharpening


    KNIFE SHARPENING BASICS Step Two – Hold the knife as pictured,with your index finger resting on the spine of the knife,your thumb on the flat part of the blade,and your three remaining fingers grasping the handle. Do not try to sharpen by gripping the handle only in a cutting grip.Use a more stable grip.

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