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  • Plant Parts and

    Plant Parts and Functions Strand Life Processes Topic Investigating the parts of plants and their functions Primary SOL 1.4 The student will investigate and understand that plants have basic life needs and functional parts and can be classified according to certain characteristics.

  • Human Body Systems

    different parts of the body. (ears, nose, etc) 3. Ligaments- Loose tissue that connects bone to bone ... number of bones in their necks. Giraffes just have longer bones. 2. Humans have over 230 moveable and semi-moveable joints 3. The longest bone in your body is your ... Its main function is to serve as a pathway for the messages from the ...


    maximizing the capacity and also do their analysis. Impact crushers involve the use of impact ... particles are then crushed inside the crusher as they collide against crusher parts and against each other, producing finer, better-shaped product. ... function operator C. But according to the distribution model by czoke and racz ...